The next generation of employee engagement

Go beyond the usual, run of the mill survey and employee pulse tools to really engage and empower your employees.

smartcrowds provides an always on platform that lets you capture your employees most pressing concerns, issues and opportunities and address them with employee crowdsourced solutions.

smartcrowds gives you real-time engagement, sentiment and insight straight out of the box.

From surveys and pulse questions where you can set topics and target all, or just some, of your people, to our 'always listening' function, smartcrowds lets employees proactively tell you what's important to them and suggest ideas and solutions to their key challenges, and yours.

smartcrowds encourages maximum participation with its intuitive, interactive interface available across PC, mobile phone and bespoke kiosks.

And smartcrowds reporting and analytics is just as straightforward, making it easy for you to identify problem areas or potential opportunities.

Give employees multiple ways to engage

Empowering your workforce

Insight and action equals empowerment

Most other platforms stop at just asking what people think. They generate a whole bunch of data, while a few also offer you some genuine insights. smartcrowds does all that and more. Thanks to our unique set of tools and processes, smartcrowds helps your teams and individuals move from feedback or ideas through to meaningful improvements and new products and services. Ultimately, our competitive edge gives you a competitive edge.

At least 10 x ROI or your money back

As if all that wasn’t enough, smartcrowds IMPACT offers an optional wrap around consultancy to help you identify, fast track and implement the very best employee generated ideas. And we’re so confident it works that if you don’t generate in income or savings at least 10 x what you spend on smartcrowds then we’ll give you your money back. So you get engaged employees who feel empowered and who see their ideas being turned into action, and it’s all at zero financial risk to the organisation. It’s the ultimate win win.

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Don’t just take our word for it

We’re a young company that’s disrupting the employee engagement market and our customers have already seen smartcrowds make a huge difference to their organisations. You can see how by having a look at our customer stories.