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The lovely people at Be-IT Resourcing provide IT recruitment and resourcing across Scotland and Northern Ireland. Over the years they’ve used innovation to stay one step ahead of the competition, but their CEO, Gareth Biggerstaff, thought there was untapped potential across the organisation to do even more.

‘Innovation is crucial to the growth of our business,’ said Gareth, ‘but I felt that most of the creative ideas came from the management team so I knew we could unlock even more innovation if we could extend our programme to cover the whole workforce’.

This was easier said than done, as Gareth explains: ‘We have a growing remote workforce so we needed an employee engagement solution that was always on. We believe in testing all our new ideas with the people who will benefit from them – clients and candidates – so we also needed a platform where they could get involved. Most importantly, we wanted to be able to identify real breakthrough ideas quickly so we could action them and start to get a genuine return on our investment’.

Getting stuck in

Be-IT chose smartcrowds IMPACT because of its best in class methodology and no quibble 10 x ROI guarantee. Once appointed, we got our sleeves rolled up and helped Gareth and team to rapidly roll out employee empowerment across the organisation. A three week innovation challenge to increase business efficiency by 15% resulted in the creation of 90 ideas, with three of them identified as having breakthrough potential.

One of those ideas was greenlit straight to project and implemented in record time as it could be managed end to end through the smartcrowds platform.

Making a difference

Be-IT has gone on to implement numerous ideas through smartcrowds IMPACT, but just that first idea – a new BI efficiency dashboard – generated a 17% efficiency improvement in its first 12 months, and is on track to deliver 23% in its second year. As Gareth commented: ‘Breakthrough services and solutions are the cornerstone of our business – we’re in a busy market and need to stand out.  We chose smartcrowds because we knew it would give us an advantage, and it has done that and more’.