They say necessity is the mother of invention

In the case of smartcrowds, that’s absolutely true.

We were born from a real-life need to learn and improve using feedback from others. 

Bridgeall is a successful UK IT Services organisation delivering custom software solutions for a range of clients. Learnings, ideas and innovation were crucial to the growth of the business but it was just a painful process of manual data collection, reporting and trying, and failing, to get things actioned. We hunted around for a platform that could help us but just couldn’t find one. Or, to be more accurate, we couldn’t find one that worked – we found lots that promised loads but then didn’t deliver.

So we decided to build a solution ourselves and smartcrowds was born.

It took a while, and a lot of hard work, but smartcrowds evolved from us understanding what did and didn’t work with existing platforms and wanting to solve our own problems. And solve our own problems it has. We’re the ultimate guinea pigs for smartcrowds. From naming our new meeting room to adding the latest functionality to the platform, we walk the walk when it comes to smartcrowds.

The key point is we used to be you. We couldn’t find the right tool, we couldn’t get our employee engagement programmes to make a positive impact on the business, and we certainly couldn’t measure impact or ROI. Until we built smartcrowds. And now we want to share all the amazing things it can do with you.