Always available listening channels to empower your employees

Build an open-door culture that your employees can trust

Traditional surveys are great but they don't always cover the things employees want to talk about, when they want to talk about them.

So, the smartcrowds' always listening function lets employees ask pressing questions, seek solutions to their problems and share their thoughts and concerns in a way, and at a time, that suits them.

Listen and act

This always-on feature is one of the things that makes smartcrowds unique. It means you move beyond the old days of employee engagement where asking someone their view on a particular topic was an end in itself. Instead, you move into the world of employee empowerment where you are making staff feel valued and able to have their say.


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Helping you focus on what is important

Always listening doesn't mean smartcrowds bombards you with information. Our insights and analytics tools help you understand what issues are important to your employees and, crucially, what you can do to resolve them.