We're in this together

We like our guarantees and promises at smartcrowds. We like certainty in an industry where lots of people have got by with woolly promises and vague ideas. So, as well as our 10 x ROI guarantee, we also make all our customers this promise – we’ll work with you every step of the way to deliver the success you’re looking for, and we’ll have some fun at the same time.

We know how tough, and lonely, it can be being the employee engagement or empowerment ‘person’. So our team of customer success managers will be by your side to make sure we hit every target and exceed every goal.

This means it’s not all on you. We’ll do most of the heavy lifting and will share your commitment, passion and drive to get things done and the results flowing in. It might sound dull, but we’ll put together a bespoke SLA just for you that covers off things like objectives, timescales, training, launch, internal promotion and buy in, metrics and reporting. We want you to have complete visibility of everything that’s going on and all the information at your fingertips to show how well things are going.

Of course, that does mean we’ll need a bit of commitment back from you to make sure we’re pushing things at the right pace but, back to the promise at the top of the page, it won’t be overwhelming. We think you’ll enjoy the ride and we know you’re going to see some amazing results.