Our leading housing association client was finding it hard to engage with frontline staff and to get their insights on how services could be improved,  so they turned to smartcrowds for help. 

Within a matter of days they were using smartcrowds to engage their more than 500 staff. smartcrowds’ always on functionality meant the housing association was quickly able to understand the issues staff were seeing on a daily basis and empower them to offer up practical solutions. 

Empowering employees to effect change

Using the smartcrowds’ rapid selection and shortlisting tools, three high-impact, easy to implement quick wins were identified as well as five significant impact ideas to be developed as a phase two.  

One of the employee ideas was to offer an ‘amnesty’ period that allowed potential tenants immediate entry to difficult-to-let properties but with a requirement to demonstrate their eligibility within a prescribed maximum period. This innovative solution turned the tenant eligibility process on its head and is a great example of how the organisation is now empowering employees to express their ideas and effect change. 

The association’s CFO is delighted: ‘smartcrowds helped us find solutions to problems that we had been wrestling with for years. Not only did the platform let us engage with employees it also let us put their ideas into practice. It’s had a hugely positive impact on our employees and, ultimately, our tenants.’