Healthcare is such a fast-moving sector that our customer was struggling to stay competitive. They thought developing a best in class employee empowerment programme would help them generate ideas to give them the competitive edge they were looking for and deliver short, medium and long term results. So they came to us for help 🙂

We aligned smartcrowds IMPACT with their strategic pillars and made it easy for every member of staff to contribute new, relevant ideas. Our rapid evaluation and selection process considered things like feasibility, customer need and financial viability, and, crucially, the platform was able to put ideas into three categories – quick wins, high impact ideas that could be realised within six months, and more innovative ideas that would take longer to implement.

Ideas from around the world

A quarter of the global workforce contributed to the project, with 125 unique ideas generated. Eight quick wins were identified and delivered, with a further 15 ideas shortlisted for longer-term implementation. 

The organisation’s CEO loved the way smartcrowds got people involved and generated ideas: ‘The smartcrowds solution enabled us to significantly extend our crowdsourcing reach to a wider workforce across different functions of the business who would not normally haven been involved in the search for new ideas. It identified a number of new areas of innovative product development that would not have been uncovered otherwise’.