How do your staff feel?

smartcrowds' PULSE software allows your employees to tell you where your key issues and opportunities lie

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Constant Listening

Give your employees a voice, 24/7, across multiple devices and kiosk styles.  Increase survey response rates with easy to answer, graphical, one-touch responses.    

Actionable Follow-up

Ensure that no issue or opportunity is missed. Powerful feedback assessment and planning tools that drive real action, in-line with your purpose and values.

Making Change Happen

Close the engagement loop. Show your commitment to employee-led change.

Get your workforce organised into smart 'crowds'; solving local problems with their own ideas for change.

Flexible Scheduling

Always-on, ‘spot’, repeating and traditional survey scheduling options

Actionable Insight

Powerful out-of-the box reports ensure timely identification of issues  

Team Empowerment

Smart ‘crowds’ puts the power of engagement in your teams’ hands  

Innovative Change

Drive real, meaningful change with employee crowdsourced ideas

Our happy clients

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“smartcrowds helped us generate a 17% efficiency improvement in the first 12 months and is on track to deliver 23% in year two.”

Gareth Biggerstaff

CEO @ Be-IT Resourcing
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“Pulse provides robust capabilities with cloud-based solutions for the challenges we face. It is extremely flexible, I particularly like the reporting, to enable data driven decision making.”

Nikita Sinha

HO Tech Acquisition @ Marshall Aerospace & Defence Group

Nibh Elit Tristique


Aenean Condimentum


Quam Inceptos



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