The next generation of employee engagement

Take your employee engagement to the next level

Most employee engagement programmes aren’t, well, very engaging. Bit of an issue given that’s supposed to be the point of them. The problem is, employee engagement is usually something that is done TO employees, they aren’t the drivers or facilitators of the engagement. The result? Employees don’t believe, or engage, in the initiatives that management work so hard to implement.

We’re not gamblers here at smartcrowds towers but, if we were, we’d bet you’ve run employee engagement programmes that haven’t gotten the results you wanted. And we think it’s odds on the reason for that is because they’ve been driven by management, not employees.

Engaged and empowered employees

Thankfully, smartcrowds is designed to solve this exact problem. It’s an always on platform that captures your employees’ most pressing concerns, issues and opportunities and addresses them with crowdsourced solutions. In other words, it puts the power, control and initiative in the hands of your employees.

For some organisations that might sound a little scary. Fair enough, if that’s your reaction then smartcrowds isn’t for you. But if you want a genuinely engaged workforce, employees who are passionate and enthusiastic, who identify and solve problems themselves and help your organisation to drive forward and innovate, then smartcrowds is the tool you’ve been looking for.

smartcrowds works by blending traditional tools like surveys, consultations and pulse questions with always on listening, user-defined challenges and our unique crowdsourcing ideas functionality. So, from day one your employees are more than engaged, they’re empowered.

And here’s the really clever bit, smartcrowds is structured around your organisational goals so all that employee passion and energy is channelled into positive innovation.

Give employees multiple ways to engage

Empowering your workforce

At least 10 x ROI or your money back

As if all that wasn’t enough, smartcrowds IMPACT offers an optional wrap around consultancy to help you identify, fast track and implement the very best employee generated ideas. And we’re so confident it works that if you don’t generate in income or savings at least 10 x what you spend on smartcrowds then we’ll give you your money back. So you get engaged employees who feel empowered and who see their ideas being turned into action, and it’s all at zero financial risk to the organisation. It’s the ultimate win win.

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