Empower Your Employees and Generate ROI. Guaranteed!

From putting a man on the moon to delivering pizza to your front door just by clicking on your phone, it’s amazing what can be achieved when you empower people to innovate. At smartcrowds we believe that innovations, big and small, are the key to organisations thriving in this crazy, unpredictable world. And we think empowering your employees is the key to innovation.

But empowering your employees in a way that makes a real, lasting difference to your organisation is tough, and most programmes that try end in a whimper, with very little to show for all the effort.

So we built smartcrowds to turn that whimper into a bang. We looked at the strengths and weaknesses of other employee engagement and ideas platforms, and the practical realities of organisations undertaking change programmes, and created a best in class software platform that engages employees, empowers them to make change and delivers genuine innovations and tangible business results.

Our Bang for Buck Promise

And in case that’s not enough ‘bang’ for you, we’re so confident that smartcrowds will transform your business that we make this promise – we’ll help you deliver at least 10 x what you invest in our platform or we’ll give you your money back. No ifs, no buts, just innovations that generate income and save money.

Engagement is dead, long live empowerment

And we really do mean employee empowerment. The ability to act on the information and ideas you gather is what makes smartcrowds’ solutions unique. It means you move beyond the old days of employee engagement, where asking someone what they thought was an end in itself, and into the world of employee empowerment where you can harness the collective power of your staff to drive real change in your organisation.

Three, perfectly formed, solutions

We know not everyone is at the same point on their employee empowerment journey, so we have a solution for whatever stage you are at:

If you’re taking your first, tentative, steps, then smartcrowds PULSE is for you. It will quickly let you spot and act on the key issues and opportunities affecting your organisation today.

For those a little further down the road, smartcrowds IDEAS can accelerate your journey by generating more innovation ideas from more employees, fast!

And if you’re ready to discover all the wonderful sights the employee empowerment highway has to offer then smartcrowds IMPACT will guide you there and guarantee you at least 10 x ROI into the bargain.

smartcrowds PULSE

Your biggest issues and opportunities identified in real time.

smartcrowds IDEAS

Get more ideas from more employees, fast!

smartcrowds IMPACT

The only innovation platform with guaranteed ROI.

Are you getting any ROI today?

Do your current employee engagement or empowerment efforts deliver clear, measurable benefits for your organisation? If they do, then that’s brilliant, we’d love to buy you a post COVID drink and hear all about what you’re doing.

But, if you’re like most people we talk to and you’re not really able to measure, or even see, a return for all your efforts, then we think we should have a virtual coffee right now and talk about how we can help (we’ll send you a voucher for the coffee).

We’ve created an ROI measurement tool that helps you understand what kind of return you are currently getting. Drop us a note here and we’ll send it over to you.

smartcrowds product

Don’t just take our word for it

We’re a young company that’s disrupting the employee engagement market and our customers have already seen smartcrowds make a huge difference to their organisations. You can see how by having a look at our customer stories.

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