smartcrowds PULSE

Your biggest issues and opportunities identified in real-time.

Constantly being able to understand what everyone is thinking sounds a bit like a superpower, but it’s what smartcrowds PULSE lets you do.

You get real-time understanding of how staff and customers are feeling, key insight into why they're feeling that way and, crucially, a mechanism to do something about it. So you get complete clarity on what are your biggest issues and opportunities and how to address them.

The reaction time of a superhero

Because you’re getting information in real-time, and because PULSE makes it so easy to uncover actionable insights, you can react with lightning speed to any issues or opportunities.

Our cloud-based platform works straight out of the box and gives you all the tools you need to gather, analyse and take action. PULSE really does put the power in your hands.

Engagement is dead, long live empowerment

This ability to act on the information you gather is what makes smartcrowds PULSE unique (its superpower if you like). It means you move beyond the old days of employee engagement, where asking someone what they thought was an end in itself, and into the world of employee empowerment where you can harness the collective power of your staff to drive real change in your organisation.

Whether delivered to your workforce on their desktop or smartphones devices, or to non-connected employees (or customers for that matter) on easy to access kiosks, smartcrowds PULSE gives you an always-on channel for everyone’s voice to be heard